Stage Creation

Stage Creation
Stage Creation
Stage Creation

A voyage of discovery through drama, movement and song that leads to imagination, expression and self belief.

For further Information on Classes, Venues, Times & Enrolments, 0423 044 071 or 0490 119 594

Croydon and Surrounding Areas

Stage Creation provides an Exciting Innovative Performing Arts program, catering for both boys and girls from 3yrs of age to Adults, all under the one roof!

When your child comes to Stage Creation, you can be assured that they won't get lost in the crowd. You see, we understand that each child is amazingly unique.

We offer classes with Performing Arts lessons in:


  • Singing

  • Drama

  • Movement (various dance styles taught)

  • Tap

  • Hip Hop


We also adapt our program to suit the varying interests of students.

Throughout the year we offer speciality electives such as Clowning, Stunt Work, Juggling, Debating, Working In Front of A Camera, Costume Design, Public Speaking, Song-writing or Producing Music Online (subject to sufficient demand).

Consider this? You might think that performing arts is not your child's "thing" but the performing arts may just be for everyone!! Research shows connections between the performing arts and reasoning skills, literacy and numeracy, social skills, communication skills, motivation, creativity, planning skills, teamwork, self-esteem and overall academic achievement.

Stage Creation's program is designed to teach your child how to articulate ideas, think on his/her feet, respond quickly, deliver a talk, create and explore new ideas. More importantly, we work to develop the confidence, self-esteem and communication skills they need to succeed in school and life.

At Stage Creation we adopt a process-oriented approach to the performing arts. We:


  • Encourage children to create their own performances
  • Have a well structured curriculum that provides lesson choice
  • Pay special attention to the interests of every child and maintain optimal class sizes
  • Don't require you to spend money on expensive uniforms and costumes
  • Medals awarded to all students/Trophies most Improved students
  • Stage Creation is a fun, safe and value-based place where all students from the shy to the outgoing can develop at their own pace through well structured, age appropriate activities and lots of encouragement.
  • Teachers are carefully selected for their values, their ability to work with children and technical skills.
  • Students are provided with numerous opportunities to perform including in-class demonstrations, community events, singing & dance competitions and twice yearly performances at local theatres.


Our commitment is to ensure that every child we teach grows and explores his or her own unique talents and interests.