Noah's Ark


Noah’s Ark provides the best therapy and education for your child with a disability or additional needs (aged 0-8) and we recognise that families play an important role in their children’s health and development.

1800 819 140

24 branches across Victoria and the ACT

Everyday Learning and Therapy™

We support more than 2000 children with disabilities and additional needs and their families throughout Victoria and the ACT.

Our specialists, with professional backgrounds in speech pathology, occupational therapy, education, physiotherapy, psychology and social work, are known as Key Workers. They visit you in your home and can help build the skills and participation of your child and make sure that the important people in their lives have the information, resources and support they need to help their child learn, develop and reach their goals.

Families and carers can receive our services and programs via:
- Your home or chosen environment
- Your local Noah’s Ark branch
- Bursts of learning and therapy
- Local workshops
- Virtual visits.