Healesville Sanctuary

Healesville Sanctuary
Healesville Sanctuary
Healesville Sanctuary

Healesville Sanctuary is one of Australia’s most loved tourist attractions and the best place in Victoria to see and interact with native Australian wildlife. The Sanctuary is committed to fighting wildlife extinction and offers visitors the opportunity to come close up to unique Australian animals in a stunning bushland setting.

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Badger Creek Road Healesville

Australian Wildlife Health Centre

The Australian Wildlife Health Centre treats more than 2000 sick and injured native animals every year. It’s also an important training centre for wildlife veterinarians.
You can visit the Australian Wildlife Health Centre at Healesville Sanctuary and meet our vets and nurses, as they treat sick, injured or orphaned wildlife in need of care.

Spirits of the Sky

In Spirits of the Sky, held at Healesville’s renowned flight arena, our birds show off the skill we envy and admire the most – their ability to fly. Watch birds of prey and brightly coloured parrots as they take to the skies in a fast-paced show.

Cool Conservation

Cool Conservation gives visitors a chance to see the breeding programs in action for two of our threatened alpine species; the Mountain Pygmy-possum and Southern Corroboree Frog. See the real work happening to save these species from extinction, and watch our expert keepers in action!

Tales of Platypus Creek

Think the Platypus is a shy and reclusive creature? Think again! Tales from Platypus Creek lets you see Platypus as they have never been seen before. Come face-to-face with Healesville Sanctuary’s most iconic species in a world-first interactive Platypus show. Observe Platypus as they interact with keepers, play in the water and even enjoy having their tummies tickled!

Land of Parrots

Get up close to Australia’s best-loved birds in this spectacular walk-through aviary. Visitors may become a perch for one of our magnificent parrots, hand-feed our smaller parrots and hear from our expert staff.

Dingo Country

Dingo Country, a dramatic rocky high country exhibit, offers you the chance to observe Australia’s iconic dingoes up close, and learn about their complex history.

Animals of the night

Venture into our new-look Nocturnal House and enter the dark and secret world of Mountain Pygmy-possums, Bilbies, Bandicoots, Gliders, Numbats, and many more mysterious creatures of the night.