Eclipse Gymnastics


Located in Ringwood, Eclipse Gymnastics offers classes for girls and boys ages 2-16yrs, run by Accredited coaching staff

9870 4515

2/481 - 493 Maroondah Hwy, Ringwood

Mention MYRK and your 2014 Registration Fees will be waived! 

At Eclipse Gymnastics we offer a variety of programs to suit children aged 2 years and up.

Kindergym - Aged 2-5yrs

Our Kindergym program offers a wide range of activities incorporating group games and structured circuits. Children will use all of the gymnastics equipment including beams, bars, trampolines, foam pit and more.

Kindergym is a fun way to learn the fundamentals of all types of movement. Children learn how to land safely, roll safely, balance on beams, swing on bars, jump on trampolines. We teach the basic body shapes that are essential for further skill development in gymnastics and which also give a great foundation for other sports. 

Children can progress from this program into the General Gym program when they start primary school.

General Gym - Primary School

Our General Gym program is for primary school aged children and incorporates a range of activities to develop strength, flexibility, coordination and the fundamentals of gymnastic skills. The General Gym program is a great base for our advanced training programs, and a great foundation for other sports.

From General Gym the children can move into the Eclipse Development Program and then into a competition program when they are ready. 

Eclipse Gymnastics also offers fantastic school holiday programs and awesome birthday parties.